Terms and conditions

terms and conditions

Graphic design


  1. Graphic designer: a person who by profession creates graphic design for materials intended for print or online publication, such as brochures, book covers, flyers, business cards, banners, logos and others. The seller who wishes to enter into a contract with the buyer.
  2. Graphic design: the subject of the contract, the service: the design created by the designer: a flyer, a brochure, a business card, a logo, a banner and others.
  3. Client: a private individual or company that purchases goods or services. The buyer.
  4. Completion date: the date on which the designer completes the design and submits it to the client. The date on which the copywriter completes their work on the text and submits it to the client.


The general conditions apply to both the designer and the client. They are in force while the work on the design is in progress. The general conditions provide an explanation of the most relevant concepts and rules of cooperation between JOVIDESIGN STUDIO and the client.


  1. The offer stands for 14 days from the date of the offer, unless the offer states otherwise. The valuation is based on the information provided by the buyer and measurements taken by the designer. It is evaluated up to 3 days after the client provides the relevant materials and information.
  2. The client is obliged to inform the designer of the circumstances that may affect the execution of the contract. This applies for example to the format of the design or the amount of text that is to be placed on it.
  3. The offer will unequivocally include:
    – A full description of the service to be provided;
    – The total price;
    – The completion date;
    – Additional information.
  4. After accepting the offer, the client is obliged to make payment for the design to the bank account number specified in the valuation by the due date.
  5. Payment is made via bank transfer, unless the parties agree otherwise. After the payment is booked by the company, the client receives the proof of payment.
  6. If the payment for the work is not made, the service will not be provided, unless the designer decides otherwise.


  1. The work on the design begins after the valuation is accepted and the payment for the service is made, unless the designer decides otherwise.
  2. If there is no set completion date and deadline for submission of the design, it should occur within 7 days in the case of a single design. For complex designs (2 or more), a separate deadline is set. The deadline is no longer binding if the client submits adjustments to the design provided by the designer. The parties negotiate an additional time period for corrections.


  1. The designer provides the ordered design in a proper and sound manner, in accordance with the arrangements stated in the contract, as well as the legal requirements related to the execution of the contract.
  2. The designer is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the design that occurs after its final acceptance by the client.


  1. The buyer is obliged to inform the designer of facts and/or circumstances which may affect the execution of the contract, if the buyer knows or should have known about them. This applies to incomplete additional materials, design format and others. 
  2. The buyer gives the designer an opportunity to complete the work. If the buyer, against the express advice of the designer, insists on performing a certain work, they are responsible for any resulting damage. 
  3. Before the final approval and acceptance of the design, the client is obliged to perform a legal verification of the design with regard to possible convergence with existing designs, for example brand marks. This applies especially to logos.


  1. Own Use: The client is granted full rights to use the graphic design project exclusively for personal purposes, with no limitations on the scope of use within their personal activities and ventures.
  2. Exclusion from Commercial Offer: Adding the graphic design project to the client’s commercial offerings is prohibited. It is not permissible to place the project in publicly accessible catalogs or listings that may lead to the sale or distribution of the project.
  3. Copyrights Reserved: All copyrights and other rights associated with the graphic design project remain the exclusive property of the designer. The client receives only the rights of use, in accordance with the specified conditions.
  4. Project Unalterability: The client is not permitted to make any modifications, alterations, or changes to the graphic design project without the explicit consent of the designer. The project should be used in its original form.
  5. Consent for Publication in Portfolio: The designer reserves the right to include the graphic design project in their portfolio unless the client explicitly expresses opposition to this matter.
  6. Resale Restrictions: The client is not allowed to resell, sublicense, or provide the graphic design project to third parties in any form. The project is intended solely for the client’s use.


  1.  The client can submit 3 adjustments to the design free of charge. Subsequent ones are subject to a fee and require justification. Before making additional adjustments, the designer is obliged to inform the client about their cost and completion date.
  2. The client may refuse to accept any preliminary design when no adjustments are submitted. They will receive a refund of 50% of the payment for the design.
  3. After the final acceptance of the design it is not possible to return or exchange it, unless the designer decides otherwise. 
  4. While the work on the design is in progress, the withdrawal from the contract is possible in case when:
    – the designer fails to complete the design by the completion date;
    – the client fails to make the due payment;
    – the designer’s work is hindered;
    – the design cannot be completed due to some higher power.


  1. In matters not covered by these terms and conditions, applicable in this regard provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.
  2. The Dutch court shall have jurisdiction over any dispute arising from the contract

The terms and conditions were written and made available on 4 June, 2018.

Starting cooperation with Jovidesign Studio is equivalent to accepting the terms and conditions. Any questions regarding the present document should be submitted to: info@jovidesign.nl.

What we do?

A logo is a corporate symbol that represents the brand on the market. It accompanies the company at every stage of its promotion.

A business card plays a fundamental role in each brand’s exposure.

A flyer is a quick and inexpensive way to inform the world about your company, services or special offers.

Unique and creatively designed websites will highlight the nature of your business and more effectively capture the attention of your clients.

We will create interesting and eye-catching banners for your Facebook page. 

We constantly design creative graphics for advertising and marketing needs of your company. Ask us for a graphic design. 

We specialise in designing graphics suitable for print and online use.

We believe that a properly designed message in a graphic form facilitates communication across language and cultural barriers, which results in increased sales, stronger trust in the company’s products, and improved communication with the clients.


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