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  1. The website will be based on WordPress content management system and a special editor.
  2. The website is developed in up to 28 days, unless special circumstances require additional time.
  3. Website design development will begin after receiving a minimum of 80% of the website’s content, which includes text as well as images and additional materials.


  1. The website will be based on the materials provided by the client (text and images).
  2. Jovidesign Studio is not responsible for any possible errors in the text or other materials provided by the client. Any changes to the text are made only with the client’s permission.
  3. At the client’s request, proofreading can be provided as an additional service.
  4. At the client’s request, Jovidesign Studio can prepare the text for the website. Editing is considered an additional service.
  5. It is the client’s responsibility to verify the copyright of images when downloading them from the Internet. Jovidesign Studio is not responsible for publishing provided by the client images copyrighted by third-parties.
  6. Jovidesign Studio has the right to reject additional materials provided by the client that do not meet the requirements, or to adjust them for an additional fee, of which the client will be informed in advance.
  7. At the client’s request, Jovidesign Studio may use its own image database, in which case the client is obliged to communicate their expectations regarding the images. Otherwise, the images will be selected by the designer.


  1. The client will be informed about the price and date of payment in a separate offer via e-mail before the work on the website design begins.
  2. The work on the website design will begin after the payment is booked: the whole amount specified in the offer, or the first half before the work begins and the second half after the work is completed.


  1. The client can propose up to 2 adjustments to individual elements and sections of the website design.

    Adjustments should be submitted in one collective message via email: Subsequent adjustments are subject to a fee.


  1. The website designer is obliged to deliver the website design to the client in good condition, on schedule, basing on previous arrangements, and is also obliged to comply with the general conditions.


  1. The client is obliged to communicate the exact expectations regarding the design before the work begins. Otherwise, the designer’s opinion will take precedence.
  2. The client is obliged to comply with the general conditions.


  1. Once the design is approved by the client, the website will be uploaded to the hosting with the chosen domain, of which the client will be informed in advance.
  2. The hosting provider is chosen by Jovidesign Studio, unless the client demands otherwise. The client will be informed about the hosting provider and the fee for their services before the work on the website design begins.
  3. The client agrees to make the annual payment for the hosting service and pay the specified price on schedule. Failure to do so will result in the website being removed from the hosting location. As a consequence, the website will cease to be visible on the Internet.
  4. The domain’s name is chosen by the client, or by Jovidesign Studio at the client’s request.


  1. Jovidesign Studio assumes no responsibility for any damage to the website caused by the client’s use of the website or as a result of changes made by the client.


  1. The client has the right to withdraw from the contract in case when:
    – the designer fails to meet deadlines,
    – the website is not designed in accordance with previous arrangements,
    – the website does not work properly.
  2. The graphic designer can withdraw from the contract in case when:
    – the client fails to make payment for the design,
    – the client prevents the design from being completed (by delaying the submission of materials, making more adjustments than necessary and allowed by the contract). In this case, the designer keeps 50% of the price for the website design and delivers the work completed so far to the client in a compressed file.


  1. In matters not covered by these terms and conditions, applicable in this regard provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.
  2. The Dutch court shall have jurisdiction over any dispute arising from the contract.

The terms and conditions apply to all the clients who have chosen to design a website together with Jovidesign Studio. The terms and conditions have been updated in 2022 and are subject to change. 

All questions regarding these terms and conditions should be sent to our e-mail address:

What we do?

A logo is a corporate symbol that represents the brand on the market. It accompanies the company at every stage of its promotion.

A business card plays a fundamental role in each brand’s exposure.

A flyer is a quick and inexpensive way to inform the world about your company, services or special offers.

Unique and creatively designed websites will highlight the nature of your business and more effectively capture the attention of your clients.

We will create interesting and eye-catching banners for your Facebook page. 

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We specialise in designing graphics suitable for print and online use.

We believe that a properly designed message in a graphic form facilitates communication across language and cultural barriers, which results in increased sales, stronger trust in the company’s products, and improved communication with the clients.


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