Well-designed graphics facilitate communication across language and cultural barriers in a way that words alone are unable to. They attract attention and are memorable for years to come. What do we offer? Professional graphic design for advertising, informational and image creation purposes.

Corporate identity

Its purpose is to create a comprehensive image of the company’s brand on the market, which mainly concerns elements and behaviors employed in the company, in order to achieve legibility and consistency. This way, the company will be memorable and distinguishable from its competitors.

Choosing to work with Jovidesign Studio is a guarantee that the image of your business is in good hands. Your vision is our top priority.

Timeless logo

A logo is a corporate symbol that represents the brand on the market. It accompanies the company at every stage of its promotion. It is present on flyers, business cards, the company website or T-shirts. The logo helps to distinguish your company, products or services from others. 

Unforgettable business cards

A business card plays a fundamental role in each brand’s exposure. It contains contact details: the company’s name, phone number, address. Is that all, though? Business cards can also be used in a creative way, such as arranging a meeting on a place designed on it for this very purpose. It is a very convenient solution, since the client receives the date and time of a new meeting written down next to the contact details.

Eye-catching flyers

A flyer is a quick and inexpensive way to inform the world about your company, services or special offers. An interesting and well-designed flyer will become a true eye-catcher that your recipient will reach for with interest in a public place, in a waiting room, at a business meeting, in your salon or at a shop counter. You can also send the flyer by e-mail or post.

Do you have an idea for a graphic design?

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